Bundlrs is a rewrite of Bundles in Rust without some of the extra features. https://stellular.net
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🗃️ bundlrs

Bundlrs is a rewrite of Bundles in Rust without some of the extra features.

Bundlrs is a super lightweight and anonymous markdown pastebin featuring custom URLs, quick and full deletion, easy editing, live preview, advanced styling, and much more!



bun run build
# release
bun run build:release
# release (mysql)
bun run build:release:mysql
# release (postgres)
bun run build:release:postgres


chmod +x ./target/debug/bundlrs && ./target/debug/bundlrs
# release
chmod +x ./target/release/bundlrs && ./target/release/bundlrs

Bundlrs supports the features sqlite, postgres, and mysql. These features dictate which database types will be used.


Bundlrs is configured through flags given when running the server. The following flags are available:

  • --port 0000 optional (defaults to 8080)
  • --static-dir "/path/to/dir optional (defaults to ./static)
  • --db-type "type" optional (defaults to sqlite)

Environment variables:

  • INFO optional (defaults to /pub/info)
  • BODY_EMBED optional (defaults to nothing)
  • DB_HOST "host" optional (defaults to localhost) (only if --db-type is postgres or mysql)
  • DB_USER "user" required (only if --db-type is postgres or mysql)
  • DB_PASS "pass" required (only if --db-type is postgres or mysql)
  • DB_NAME "name" required (only if --db-type is postgres or mysql)
  • SITE_NAME "name" optional (defaults to Bundlrs)


Bundlrs supports all Bundles features with some minor modifications. These are listed below with their reasons:

  • Bundlrs does not support comments
    • Comments were the cause of many bugs in the original version of Bundles, as well as being one of the least used features. The amount of time taken to get comments working with the correct configuration was not worth the output.
  • Bundles does not support writer mode
    • *this could change
  • Bundles does not support paste media
    • *this could change

User Accounts

Users can register for an account with just a username. They are given a unique ID which will be used as their password. This ID is stored hashed on the server and cannot be reset.