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// this file simply builds the static typescript files static/ts,
// these are the files required to make the client code work
import { build } from "bun";
import fs from "node:fs";
if (process.env.DO_NOT_CLEAR_DIST === undefined)
fs.rmSync("./static/js", { recursive: true }); // reset dist directory
const output = await build({
entrypoints: [
minify: {
identifiers: true,
syntax: true,
whitespace: true,
target: "browser",
outdir: "./static/js",
splitting: true,
naming: {
asset: "[name].[ext]",
chunk: "[name]-[hash].[ext]",
entry: "[name].[ext]", // do not include [dir]!!! files will NOT be findable if you include [dir]!!!
// log finished
console.log("\x1b[30;100m info \x1b[0m Build finished!");