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hkau 4917449f99 fix(rewrite): references to "::GUPPY_ROOT::" 2024-04-14 22:08:58 -04:00
hkau ed09ca0bf8 add(rewrite):
add(rewrite): pages::paste_view::paste_view_request
add(rewrite): pages::paste_view::dashboard
add(rewrite): pages::errors::error404
fix(rewrite): homepage sizing stuff
TODO: rewrite,,
2024-04-14 14:29:51 -04:00
hkau 48d6b7a8f1 add(rewrite):
add(rewrite): pages::home::home_request
add(rewrite): pages::home::dashboard_request
add(rewrite): pages::home::inbox_request
TODO: rewrite
2024-04-13 15:08:42 -04:00
hkau 6182cdd9bb remove: notifications
fix: general bug fixes
last before frontend rewrite
2024-04-13 13:49:26 -04:00
hkau 42ea0db024 add(markdown): code copy button (#4) 2024-04-12 16:14:39 -04:00
hkau d94b5c16db add(atomic): visual attribute manager 2024-04-10 15:38:58 -04:00
hkau 936896066a add(atomic): interactive editor
click on elements in the preview to select them and graphically edit their html
2024-04-10 15:26:47 -04:00
hkau d407706f3c add(atomic): better files page
add(atomic): split view
add(atomic): move paste deletion option
add(atomic): javascript editor highlighting
chore: bump version (v0.12.1 -> v0.12.2)
2024-04-10 11:37:12 -04:00
hkau 17066671b6 fix(backend): punycode in create_paste 2024-04-08 18:10:15 -04:00
hkau 7f4a808768 fix(backend): punycode custom_url 2024-04-08 16:55:19 -04:00
hkau 7ea8c51609 fix(dashboard): paste dashboard user check bug 2024-04-08 14:02:52 -04:00
hkau 942f762949 add(backend): move to dorsal for database
add(backend): accept Extended_Pictographic in custom url
TODO: punycode custom urls
chore: bump version (v0.12.0 -> v0.12.1)
2024-04-08 14:00:43 -04:00
hkau dd9d5597c9 [fix] don't require trailing slash in roots 2024-03-30 11:41:40 -04:00
hkau 5035123a27 [add] guppy connection
[remove] boards (
[remove] users (
[chore] bump version (v0.11.8 -> v0.12.0)
2024-03-29 23:55:15 -04:00
hkau 1ad5aafe1a [fix] global menu bug
[fix] file formatting
2024-03-28 14:43:17 -04:00
hkau d660c719f8 [add] global toolbar menu
intended to replace footer eventually
[fix] "page_template" bugs
[fix] atomic editor account bug
[chore] bump version (v0.11.7 -> v0.11.8)
2024-03-28 14:36:45 -04:00
hkau c22d1b8de3 [fix] creating board posts 2024-03-27 23:03:11 -04:00
hkau c75238319c [fix] update cache on board post edit/delete
edit clears ALL offsets for either the whole board or the post it's replying to
delete clears no offset and offset 0 for either the whole board or the post it's replying to
2024-03-27 22:06:58 -04:00
hkau a640b2cf3a [add] cache board posts and replies
[add] cache atomic pastes by owner
TODO: make that update properly
board posts cached at offset 0 are updated every time a new post is created in the board (or in a reply to direct post)
post replies cached at offset 0 are updated every time a new reply is made to that post
board posts with no offset are updated along with offset 0
post replies with no offset are updated along with offset 0
2024-03-27 21:53:37 -04:00
hkau 6c84607673 [add] use redis for caching
TODO: cache more bulk requests
[add] cache pastes-by-owner, log, board
2024-03-27 15:16:27 -04:00
hkau 26efddcca5 [add] sqlite memory cache (limited)
this cache can be used to cache the result of bulk requests like listing pastes and board posts
it is only used for pastes, users, and levels right now
[add] move to just for builds
[add] db::cachedb
[add] db::cachedb::CacheDB
[add] db::sql::create_db_sqlite
[chore] bump version (v0.11.6 -> v0.11.7)
2024-03-27 13:58:04 -04:00
hkau 94efc41a09 [add] user profile handlebars template
[add] pages::auth::profile_view_hb_template
[add] db::bundlesdb::UserMetadata - page_template
2024-03-26 13:09:27 -04:00
hkau a95bd77bca [add] paste_view: handlebars template
[add] pages::paste_view::paste_view_hb_template
[add] db::bundlesdb::PasteMetadata - page_template
[add] markdown: code and fenced code for parrot formatting
TODO: handlebars template for user profiles
[chore] bump version (v0.11.5 -> v0.11.6)
2024-03-25 21:20:03 -04:00
hkau bbceb4141a [add] markdown: secondary formatting
2024-03-25 13:34:30 -04:00
hkau be4062d729 [fix] user profile name sizing
[add] make user profile avatar larger
2024-03-24 18:56:13 -04:00
hkau 24e2be0995 [fix] user profile username overflow 2024-03-24 18:47:37 -04:00
hkau 184829673d [add] users: nicknames
TODO: show nicknames on board posts/boards
2024-03-24 18:18:06 -04:00
hkau 7470f18a7f [fix] user mail: mysql inbox matching
properly escape backslashes for mysql
2024-03-24 14:52:47 -04:00
hkau 1d7cb50618 [add] user mail
[add] db::bundlesdb::UserMailStreamIdentifier
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_mail_stream_by_users
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_mail_streams
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::create_mail_stream
[add] db::bundlesdb::UserMetadata - allow_mail
[add] api::boards::create_mail_stream_request
[add] pages::home::inbox_request
[chore] bump version (v0.11.4 -> v0.11.5)
2024-03-24 14:34:10 -04:00
hkau 7440eca1ad [add] auth: secondary tokens
secondary tokens are refreshable tokens that can be used to log into an account alongside its account ID
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_by_unhashed_st
[add] pages::auth::login_secondary_token_request
[add] api::auth::login_secondary_token
[add] api::auth::refresh_secondary_token_request
[chore] bump version (v0.11.3 -> v0.11.4)
2024-03-23 11:54:12 -04:00
hkau 09e17bd401 [add] change board "topic_required" layout
[add] move "Create Post" to a different page
2024-03-22 20:43:49 -04:00
hkau ca4eb4a4a5 [fix] user registration 2024-03-21 19:04:10 -04:00
hkau f5cfa49731 [fix] paste_view token refresh 2024-03-21 18:01:01 -04:00
hkau 35bc679c9f [fix] token_user check bug 2024-03-21 17:54:56 -04:00
hkau e6d6888c60 [fix] account id vulnerability
[add] bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_by_unhashed
[add] boards: change "topic" posts
[add] change user profile information section
[add] bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_posts_count
[chore] bump version (v0.11.2 -> v0.11.3)
2024-03-21 16:54:23 -04:00
hkau 39d0e284d2 [add] accept other values for BoardMetadata "is_private"
values other than "yes" and "no" will trigger the view password prompt
[add] detailed board permissions (ManageBoards, ManageBoardPosts, EditBoardPosts)
[chore] bump version (v0.11.1 -> v0.11.2)
2024-03-19 20:44:59 -04:00
hkau 669d446adf [add] detailed user permissions and roles
[chore] bump version (v0.11.0 -> v0.11.1)
2024-03-17 16:25:35 -04:00
hkau a6f2707aef [add] boards: topic_required
requires that posts have a topic set
[chore] bump version (v0.10.9 -> v0.11.0)
2024-03-16 15:54:14 -04:00
hkau da4751a2fc [add] board post topics
sub-topics are also supported
TODO: "topic_required" board setting
TODO: v0.11.0
2024-03-15 20:16:33 -04:00
hkau dddf335824 [add] board post redesign
TODO: notification things
TODO: board post topics
board posts should contain an optional "topic" field in their metadata,
when provided the post should only show the topic in preview instead of
its content. the post content should only be shown when expanded
2024-03-14 21:41:59 -04:00
hkau 057e861ece [add] notifications base
[add] db::bundlesdb::Notification
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_notifications
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::user_has_notification
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::push_user_notification
[add] pages::home::notifications_request
TODO: push notifications on certain events
TODO: notification viewer
TODO: mark notifications as read (delete)
2024-03-13 21:09:23 -04:00
hkau 7d16613162 [add] staff: user management
[add] staff: staff_users_dashboard_request
[add] GET /api/auth/users/{name}/following
[add] api::auth::following_request
[add] GET /api/auth/users/{name}/followers
[add] api::auth::followers_request
[add] POST /api/auth/users/{name}/ban
[add] api::auth::ban_request
2024-03-12 21:13:57 -04:00
hkau 63d7cc1772 [fix] api::auth::avatar_request file size limit (2 MB -> 20 MB)
[fix] api::auth::avatar_request - don't panic on large file
2024-03-11 13:00:16 -04:00
hkau 47534de521 [add] user avatars
user avatars are proxied by the server to prevent user IP leaks
these requests are sent with a User-Agent of "stellular-bundlrs/1.0"
[add] synced user settings editor
2024-03-11 12:38:21 -04:00
hkau e3252059db [add] user following count
[add] UserMetadata "avatar_url"
[add] better editors
TODO: user account settings editor (MetadataEditor)
[chore] bump version (v0.10.8 -> v0.10.9)
2024-03-11 11:05:40 -04:00
hkau a230c2079a [add] boards: post tags
TODO: user "/following" page
TODO: user profile photos
TODO: user metadata editor
TODO: notifications
TODO: v0.11.0
2024-03-10 18:38:01 -04:00
hkau b525d38a72 [add] accessibility: header ids 2024-03-10 16:15:38 -04:00
hkau 947f1c492a [add] board tags
[add] board browser
[chore] bump version (v0.10.7 -> v0.10.8)
2024-03-10 13:51:31 -04:00
hkau b52179e5f1 [add] view user followers
[add] db::bundlesdb::BundlesDB::get_user_followers
[add] pages::auth::followers_request
[add] change favicon
TODO: followers api endpoints
[chore] bump version (v0.10.6 -> v0.10.7)
2024-03-09 21:16:22 -05:00
hkau 90e16f1cde [add] profile followers
[fix] "?SECRET" security vulnerability
2024-03-09 14:52:48 -05:00